• Mere education will not lead to merit. • The issue of education is more important than banning liquor. • Try to get education by leaving the traditional work. Increase your qualification in the hostel itself. • Wisdom should be used to get bread, education and power of the state. • Education is the milk of a lioness, whoever drinks it will roar. • For the youth to sacrifice their lives to get their just rights Must be ready. • Leaving no stone unturned in teaching children. • Teach boys and girls, don't keep them entangled in traditional works. • Be educated, organize, struggle, maintain confidence and never lose patience are the 5 principles of our life. 2 • Professor Studies • Dedicated to the work of teaching and research. , • The reins of politics will not come in hand without education. Higher education is the cure for all our social ills. Will the educated youth do anything for the progress of the society? • Future life is built in the university. It is necessary for the students to be aware of this. • Incomplete education is of no use. • Students should build their character on the basis of these five elements of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, modesty and friendship. • In a society where there will be 10 doctors, 20 engineers, 30 lawyers, no one will dare to look in front of that society.

BSFE is an abbreviation whose full name is - BAHUJAN STUDENT'S FEDRATION FOR EQUALITY". This Organization formed by the students of SC,ST,OBC & MINORITY . Muslims,Sikhs,Christians,Buddhists,Jains,Lingayats etc have been included in the minority.BSFE is a students organization which aims to organize the students of Bahujan Samaj across the country and fight for social change and to establish equality.Whose slogan - OUR AGITATION FOR EQUALITY which means "Our Struggle for equality".Therefore We appeal to all of you SC,ST,OBC,MINORITY students that BSFE is working all over the country.Students from all over the country are working in this organization , so if you want to join us in this movement of social change.Than go to contact us section and fill there about your details so that we can contact with you.

> The word student is a word associated with education, the question is what is behind giving so much importance to education. Must have been the reason, if it is to be known, then one thing has to be known that education is not only a means of economic development, but education is the biggest means of preparing social and mental revolution in a person and this revolution has to be awakened from the student age itself, which is our Great men did it too. • When the great man Gautam Buddha started a movement for social revolution in his life, then In the movement, he added his boy Rahul at the age of 10 and started organizing the society for propaganda. sent in. 1 Prophet Muhammad also gave great importance to Iqra (education) in his life. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says "Jah Gyan Pragasu Ajnaan Mittantu" means where there is light of knowledge Ignorance is destroyed. Guru Gobind Singh's two sons Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh (8 years and 6 years respectively) were martyred at the youngest age for the protection of the Khalsa path keeping the pride of their Guru tradition. Its youth need to take an inspiration. Mahatma Jyotirao Phule taught Mata Savitribai Phule, then Mata Savitribai Phule social In the movement shoulder to shoulder with Mahatma Jyotirao Phule and when Mahatma When Jyotirao Phule launched a movement to liberate the Bahujan Samaj, he also worked for education. He created public awareness through the medium because he believed that education is the only self-respect in our society. Will build and this self-respect can liberate the society from social slavery. Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj arranged reservation for the first time to give importance to education in his state. From hostels to schools were built. Saint Gadge Maharaj said that "If you have to sell the plate of food, then get education by selling it". But you can eat food by taking bread, but life is incomplete without education. Mata Tarabai became a martyr for the fight for education.

To prevent incidents happening with Bahujan students, we created BSFE. Our analysis is that there are two pages of the book in front of the student, one page shows the academic education and the other shows the social change movement, both the things are different in the student life. There is importance and both are based on each other. Our forefathers completed the page of the movement of social change, the result of which came the page of academic education in our part, but now the question is our If we have to give the page of academic education to the next generation, then we also have to read, know, understand and take forward the page of the movement of social change. The page of education will not open, so student organizations are very important for social change.

> This organization was established on 31/5/2022. Today this organization is working in different states of the country and today SC, ST, OBC, minority students are working for the organization by taking responsibilities in the universities of different states and districts of the country. The central office of BSFE is P/71-A, Pandav Nagar 3rd Floor, Mayur Vihar Phase-1 New Delhi, 110091. BAHUJAN STUDENTS FEDERATION FOR EQUALITY is known as BSFE. It also has its official Facebook page in social media whose link is https// BSFE Helpline Number +91 8511288445 The authorized ID of BSFE is

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